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Sunday, September 9, 2012

What's up??

During the month of August I was fortunate enough to have another Peace Corps Volunteer join me at site.  She is a teacher in a middle school in the countryside near Antsirabe; and responded to my request for the help of an education volunteer to assist me  in teaching my park guides, while simultaneously teaching me some new teaching methods.  It was a success; and for one month we taught Mon-Fri, twice a day.  By the end of her month we saw measurable results from my mazoto (hard-working) students; and I drastically changed my approach to teaching after her departure.  It was great having another PCV at site; for both me and my village.  Being able to speak your native tongue freely, everyday, is an ease on the mind, and definitely reduced a stress that I didn't even realize still existed in my life.  Thanks Jessie!  We also got a lot of hiking in, checked out the park, as well as attended a Famadiana in my village--which are always interesting.  Here are some pics from the last month....

A new tomb built to serve as the final resting place for the bones of the families ancestors.
 The bones!
A ceremony held to present the new coffins built to house the bones...these coffins will then be brought up the mountain to the tomb site.

Me and my little nugget of a neighbor, Fandrina.
Jessie(PCV), Ratsia, Orlin (local guides/our english students), and myself on top of Pic Boby.
The local gang.
Jessie swinging around some gang members.