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Friday, May 6, 2011

Madagascara thus fara...

the view from my homestay house in Anjozoro, I lived there for 4 weeks

Me and my neighbor and friend's homestay brother, Mathieu...possibly the cutest child on earth

My future home (I should be moving any day now!) in Morarano, just outside of Andringitra National Park.  I will be living in one room on the second floor...I don't get the entire thing..but I'd be happy with just the veranda.

My homestay mom and dad (Neniko and Dadiko)

My stage at the end of our Earth Day celebration in Mantasoa....yes, we painted the map, as well as planted some trees, picked up lots of trash

I stole this picture, it's of the west side (I think...) of Andringitra...I should have a pretty decent view of these rock formations from my veranda...(hopefully)

A sweet map I found of the tiny village is situated in the southeast corner (Morarano)....  


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  1. You are a rock star! Proud of you for following your heart and doing great things for this world. Love the photos - keep 'em coming!