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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Welcome to Morarano!

Typical tany house in my village.
View from my front door (well, I only have one door).

Tsara Noro, a sweet granite rock face a few km from my village.

One of the many papaya trees in my village...yum.

One of my new do's.  It's called the "masaondro" (the sun).

My neighborhood kiddies.  They were really excited about my camera.

Visiting my akaikikaiky, Tara.  She lives about 30miles from me in Anja.

Lovely Morarano.  That prominent, and surprisingly modern looking building, is where I live.  I have one room on the second floor, and the building is owned by Madagascar National Parks.  There are only about 30ish houses in my village, and my house is actually blocking the view of most of them.  Very small village indeed.

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