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Sunday, September 25, 2011

On teaching English:

 English is a weird language.  There are so many grammar rules that just don’t make sense.  We also use tons of slang, which I have started teaching some of the guides along with the proper phrases so that I can then use slang words in everyday conversation and be understood.  It's comforting.  Teaching it has been much more difficult than anticipated, and I’ve started teaching A LOT.  I’m already feeling a little burnt out on it, especially since I now spend most of my time preparing/teaching, and have little time or energy left to develop other projects.  However, once the kids go back to school and farming season begins, I will most likely teach once a week, as opposed to the 4/5days a week I teach now.  I plan on teaching in the school in my village, and possibly doing one session focused on English, and the other on environmental education.  We shall see.  I will then continue to teach the guides when they have time, and aren’t busy in the park, or in the rice fields.      

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